Handcrafted Wood Wall Plates

High-Quality Wood Electrical Covers at a Great Value

At Virgin Timber Lumber Company, we make high-quality wood outlet covers and light switch covers. We sell them online at factory direct prices and ship them promptly at a fair flat rate.

We offer wood wall plates in Oak (red or white), Maple, Cherry and Black Walnut. Our hardwood lumber is sourced from local sawmills in the mountains of West Virginia. Our plates are milled using a precision CNC router, and each piece is hand-finished with great care and attention to detail.

Reclaimed Wood Wall Plates Available

Two of our wood species offerings are made from reclaimed wood. We make our reclaimed oak and American chestnut wall plates out of salvaged lumber from old houses and barns. In addition to having exceptional old-growth wood grain, these wall plates exhibit an authentic rustic patina, which includes a dark rich color tone, original saw marks, and iron-stained nail holes.

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