Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Virgin Timber Lumber Co. offers hand made reclaimed wood furniture and wood wall plates used for light switch covers and electrical outlet covers. Our furniture specialties include: reclaimed wood dining tables and benches, custom beds, reclaimed wood coffee tables, solid wood kitchen counter tops and surfaces, bathroom vanities, kitchen islands and free-standing cabinets.

We salvage our own reclaimed wood by deconstructing old houses and barns that are beyond repair. We particularly focus on dismantling buildings in our region that were constructed between 187o and 1930. During this time period, over 2 billion board feet of lumber were produced from West Virginia’s virgin forest.

Reclaimed wood has a story to tell. Stained nail holes, weathering, distress, old saw marks and a darkened patina of age all combine to produce furniture with authentic beauty and character.

Wood Wall Plates

We offer wood wall plates in six lumber varieties: oak, maple, cherry, black walnut, reclaimed oak and reclaimed American chestnut. Our wall plates are made in-house from our own stock of premium hardwood and reclaimed lumber. We keep cover plates with common electrical device configurations in stock and ready to ship. Orders from our secure online store usually ship within 48 hours of purchase.

Recycled Wood

We are passionate about recycling. Working with reclaimed wood is incredibly rewarding and environmentally responsible.

Recycling is at the core of what we do.

Since starting work in 2010, we have salvaged and re-used thousands of board feet of antique wood that would have otherwise gone to the landfill.

Thoughtful Design

We collaborate with our clients to create quality furniture and woodwork that is a blend of sturdy construction and aesthetics.

Everything we do is a little bit custom.

Sizes, wood types, finish options, styles and designs can all be customized to the desires and needs of our clients.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our furniture is made to order. Every piece that leaves our wood shop is unique and made with caring hands.

Bringing out the beauty of reclaimed lumber

Salvaged wood has a past and a story to tell. We work carefully to bring out the beauty of the wood grain and authentic patina in each board.

We Make it Easy

From our first conversation to the final result, you will be impressed with our customer service. Contact us today to get started.

Join our growing list of satisfied customers

Finished work can be picked up at our Oak Hill, WV studio, delivered regionally or shipped via FedEx Freight.


Virgin Timber created a swinging bed for the Wild Rock Tree House sleeping porch. People absolutely love the design and execution of the bed. It is a favorite hang out spot and gets rave reviews. John also built some sign posts for Wild Rock and was on time and on budget and even made on the spot modifications at his own cost to insure we were perfectly satisfied with how they worked. They work great! He made some excellent suggestions about how to manufacture the posts to increase longevity using a different kind of treated wood below grade from the exposed oak above grade.
Carl Frischkorn, Wild Rock WV
I have worked with John as both a customer of his and him a customer of mine for insurance. He is always clear, concise and easy to work with. We have four of his signs and a table at home. All have held up well. The signs take the elements well. The table has held up for 5 years of children without showing it. I will purchase many more pieces of his work/art. The fact that it is reclaimed wood makes it even better.
Ben Morgan, Morgan Insurance
I grew up in West Virginia and later in life relocated to Miami, Florida where I practice law. It had been my desire to find a craftsman who would use reclaimed lumber to create custom furniture for my house in Miami. I wanted wood that had been reclaimed from my childhood areas in West Virginia. I located Virgin Timber Lumber Company while doing a Google search online. I spoke with John by telephone and exchanged numerous emails explain to him exactly what I wanted. John immediately got an idea and sent me a draft sketch of what my custom table would look like. After a few months my custom table was done, and I could not have been more pleased with the final product. The coffee table is more than I expected and every time I look at it, I feel like I have a piece of old West Virginia in my home. I definitely intend to have John create additional pieces for my home.
John Cunill Esq., Adorno-Cunill & Damas
Almost everyone who comes to our office comments on how much they love our conference table. We love it too! The saw marks and nail holes make for a distinct, artistic piece of furniture. The fact that the wood is reclaimed locally, completely recycled, and handmade was really important to us. We recommend Virgin Timber to anyone looking for a unique piece of furniture. You won’t be disappointed.
I contacted Virgin Timber after absorbing the sticker shock I experienced from opening the bid for entertainment center cabinets from a trusted cabinet company we had used for our kitchen. We figured if that was the cost… maybe custom cabinets would be competitive. I contacted John, provided him dimensions and a basic design concept along with a budget we wanted to stay within. He came out to our house within a couple of days for a site visit. This was so helpful… the opportunity for him to see the space, the colors, and get a feel for what we wanted.

His design was customized to the space, he utilized beautiful 100+ year old poplar full of character and reclaimed hemlock for the counter top, cabinets were completed and installed within one month’s time, and he came in within our budget!

Through this experience I learned that John is not a cabinet maker… He is an artist. I was able to help out with cabinet installation. His excitement and passion for the cabinets he created really shined through. Attention to detail, quality construction and hardware, drawer fronts all cut from the same unique piece of poplar, customized drawer pulls made of cherry matching the cherry post in the room, each cabinet constructed to the dimensions of the space. I have done some DIY cabinet installs… Contrary to my experience, these cabinets came together so smoothly… not the typical experience given you are often installing in a space that is not square or level. Amazing!

So yes… Not only can Virgin Timber compete with your traditional store bought cabinetry, but you get a customized work of art!

Eric Pories, Focus Intent
I happened upon the Virgin Timber Lumber Company website while looking for a dining table for our new home just before we moved last fall. We had never really had a proper dining room table and it was important to us to create a space in our new home where we could gather for meals with family and friends. I wanted something that would have weight and meaning to us; not just a table but a space that felt like home. I was thrilled to find John’s work and I instantly fell in love with the clean lines and solid feel of his handmade furniture. I contacted John about making a table for us and he was very kind and thoughtful about our needs right from the start. Once we decided on a size and design, the table was ready fairly quickly and John even offered to deliver it himself for a small fee. We installed the table in our dining room and it has truly become the centerpiece of our home. The aged hardwood feels as though it has its own story to tell and the simple yet beautiful construction brings a solid presence to the time we spend seated around the table. I would recommend working with John to anyone; it was truly a pleasure.
Noelle Horsfield, www.noelle-horsfield.com
I had dreamed of getting a hand-crafted dining table forever. With most of our family time spent at the table, I wanted something that would be beautiful, unique, have character and be made by true craftsmen, who take pride in their work. I did so much research online and finally came upon Virgin Lumber. Communicating with John was easy and he understood and carried out every little custom thing I wanted. We are so incredibly thrilled with how gorgeously our table turned out. Everyone who came to feast for the holidays were raving about it. The reclaimed wood has a great story and visual character, which makes it even more special. I cannot wait to order more pieces from Virgin Timber Lumber!
Kelly Radinsky