Wormy Chestnut Reclaimed Wood Wall Plate – 2 Gang Combo – Light Switch, GFCI Outlet Cover



Carved from our own stock of premium reclaimed lumber, these American chestnut wood wall plates will cover a two gang electrical box with a light switch and a GFCI outlet (or Decora style light switch). We include antique bronze mounting screws, and they ship out sanded and unfinished.

The American chestnut tree was once a dominant species in the Appalachian forest. A blight decimated these trees in the early twentieth century. As a result, chestnut trees rarely live past sapling age. They are no longer a viable lumber producing species. We salvage American chestnut lumber from 100 year old houses, barns and outbuildings in southern West Virginia. Stains, original saw marks, worm holes and nail holes will occasionally accent the finished surfaces of our reclaimed chestnut wood wall plates.

Not all chestnut wood wall plates will contain worm holes.

Product Dimensions

4.5 inches wide and 5 inches tall

Additional Wormy Chestnut Reclaimed Wood Wall Plates

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