Virgin Timber Lumber Co.

Solid Wood Reclaimed Lumber Tables

detail of virgin timber lumber oak plank table top made form reclaimed wood

The authentic and enduring beauty of reclaimed antique lumber is unmatched. Made to order, we hand craft each table out of lumber salvaged from early twentieth century structures in southern West Virginia. Aged for up to a century, this lumber was sourced locally, and in most cases, out of original growth virgin timber.

Choose From 2 Table Top Thicknesses

example of a plank top oak table

Plank tops are made from re-milled one inch thick planks. These boards often exhibit excellent patina including stained nail holes and weathering from decades of previous use. Currently our table stock of reclaimed wood planks includes: Oak, Pine-Hemlock, Poplar, and Chestnut.

Slab top tables are made from salvaged two inch rough cut framing timbers providing a heavy, strong and solid surface. We can make heavy-duty table tops from reclaimed Pine-Hemlock, Oak, and Chestnut lumber.

Sturdy Table Design Features Removable Legs

underside of a reclaimed wood chestnut lumber table with removable legs attached to wooden angle bracketsRemovable table legs are tightly secured to the table's inset wooden angle brackets using steel 5/16" hanger bolts. As materials funnel into the shop from deconstruction sites, we reserve the exceptionally thick and heavy 2x4's for table legs. In the finished product, we like to leave the lumber's original patina on the faces of our table legs, making for an authentic and strikingly beautiful finish.

A solid structure supports each table top. Table aprons are constructed from re-milled two inch thick stock and glued together into one solid structure with inset wooden dado joints. Our design is simple, beautiful and extremely strong.

All solid wood surfaces expand and contract due to changes in humidity. Our table tops are fastened down with specially made wooden tabs that hold the table firmly to the base while allowing for this natural movement.

How to Purchase or Order a Reclaimed Wood Table

Tables may be ordered by contacting us through our website. At the time of your purchase we will discuss shipping, delivery or pickup options for your merchandise. We will then bill you accordingly via a Pay Pal invoice sent to your email address. Freight shipping prices range from $200-$500 depending on the size of the table and the delivery location.

Visit a Retailer and Take One Home Today!

Our tables can be purchased or ordered through The Purple Moon on Quarrier Street in downtown Charleston, West Virginia. In addition to a variety of vintage mid-twentieth century modern furniture and decor, their gallery features a variety of our reclaimed wood tables.