Virgin Timber Lumber Co.

solid wood reclaimed wormy chestnut dining table with a hand rubbed tung oil finish

Reclaimed Wood Tables

We build solid wood reclaimed lumber tables in all shapes and sizes. Our typical design features removable legs that attach to a solid table base. You can choose from two styles of table top. The first is constructed from 2" thick rough cut framing lumber. Milled down flat and glued together, this material forms a substantial and heavy duty solid surface. The second (pictured on the right) is constructed from 1" stock that originated in flooring planks, roof sheeting or wall boards from old houses. This material typically exhibits a great deal of character, with plenty of stained nail holes and other signs of previous use. Contact us today to how we can build and deliver a custom piece for your home.

a reclaimed wood bench made from hemlock framing lumber is finding good use as a living room coffee table


Our benches are made entirely from 2" framing lumber. Two 2x8 inch floor joists glued together make for a generous and comfortable seating surface. The legs, constructed from heavy duty rough cut framing lumber are attached to the seat with glued mortise and tenon joinery. This provides a clean and extremely sturdy design and a bench that promises lifetimes of enjoyment. We can apply this design to virtually any length. These benches are commonly ordered to outfit the long sides of our tables, but as you can see in the photo, they can be adapted to a variety of uses in the home. This customer enjoys being able to put her feet up on her incredibly sturdy hemlock "coffee table".

a custom conference table top with curved sides was made from reclaimed hemlock lumber

Solid Surfaces

We regularly produce custom solid wood surfaces from recycled framing lumber and planks. At first reserved for our tables, we soon realized that many customers were simply hoping to replace any number of their own surfaces with the unique look of reclaimed wood. Milled flat and glued together with plenty of biscuit joints, our surfaces are built to last! Whether it's a conference table (pictured on right), restaurant table tops, an L-shaped desk, or any other application that meets your needs, we can produce a durable reclaimed wood surface that you will enjoy for years to come. Contact us to discuss pricing, sizing, lumber and finish options.

Custom Woodwork

We have standardized our sizes and offerings to best meet your demand and to streamline our processes here in the shop, but we are happy to meet your needs for any number of custom solutions. We have worked with a number of businesses and individual customers to design entirely custom woodwork from our vintage stock. From entire bartops made from wormy chestnut, to custom cabinetry, furniture and architectural elements, we regularly work with interior designers, architects and directly with customers to produce original works from reclaimed materials.

Custom wormy chestnut bar for Chetty's Pub at Adventures on the Gorge