Reclaimed Wood Furniture Made to Order

We have an impressive stock of reclaimed wood ready for use on furniture projects. Wood species like oak, wormy chestnut, hemlock, and poplar can be used and combined in creative ways to produce reclaimed wood furniture catered to your desires. Contact us today to get started.

  • reclaimed wood table wormy chestnut base walnut top
  • reclaimed wood table poplar lumber
  • large custom reclaimed wood dining table hemlock
  • reclaimed wood table wormy chestnut

Reclaimed Wood Dining Tables

We build solid wood reclaimed wood tables in all shapes and sizes. Our typical design features a 1″ thick top attached to a solid wooden base.

Planks used to construct the table tops are salvaged from the roof sheeting, wall boards and sub-floors of old houses. The resulting surfaces are always interesting. Stained nail holes, old saw marks and other patina signatures dot the surfaces, and the boards are carefully arranged into a pleasing composition. For an additional charge, breadboard ends can be added to any wood table surface.

Table bases that we have built in the past have had solid legs, removable legs, tapered legs all of different weights and source materials. We have even collaborated with a local artisan to offer custom steel bases in multiple designs. Dining tables are our signature product, and we take pride that families will be “breaking bread” over our tables for generations to come.

Reclaimed Wood Benches

Our benches can be customized to a variety of lengths. Fused into one solid piece with mortise and tenon joinery, they are incredibly stable and rigid. The bench surface is constructed from re-milled rough cut framing timbers that have been laminated into a solid slab. The legs are constructed from short lengths of old, rough cut 2×4’s.

To attach the legs to the seating surface, we use a hand cut double mortise and tenon joint. Each one is individually worked and tailored for a tight fit. The result is an incredibly rigid bench that is simple in form. Each one is unique and beautiful, and built to last a lifetime.

  • oak reclaimed wood bench

Reclaimed Wood Counter Tops

We regularly produce custom solid wood surfaces from recycled framing lumber and planks. At first reserved for our tables, we soon realized that many customers hoped to replace any number of their own surfaces – from kitchen counter tops to bar tops to butcher block – with the unique look of reclaimed wood. Milled flat and glued together with plenty of biscuit joints, our surfaces are built to last!

Reclaimed Wood Cabinets

We have built a variety of cabinets over the years using innovative construction techniques. In the past, we have designed and built custom plywood kitchen cabinets with reclaimed wood facades. More excitingly however, we have developed some innovative construction techniques to build solid wood cabinets entirely from recycled wood. Our construction method has been used to build kitchen islands, media cabinets, desks, chests of drawers, bathroom vanities and more.