Virgin Timber Lumber Co.

Reclaiming the Virgin Appalachian Forest

Prior to the colonization of North America a vast unbroken forest extended from the Atlantic Ocean westward to the Great Plains. Living for centuries to their fullest potential, trees in this “Great Forest”  reached heights of over 200 feet and measured up to 15 feet in diameter.

With settlement and population growth came a steady demand for cleared land and lumber, and the demise of the Eastern forest had begun. By the end of the nineteenth century nearly all of this “inexhaustible” resource had been clear cut.

The rugged peaks and gorges of the  central Appalachians presented a particular logistical challenge to settlers and timber speculators. With wholesale logging taking place between 1870 and 1940, West Virginia’s rugged mountains and valleys were among the last of the original Appalachian forest to be cut.

It is here in the old coal camps and sawmill towns that we find a particular opportunity to reclaim a very special piece of America’s heritage: Lumber from the first cut of the virgin forest.

Deconstruction and Salvage

There are literally thousands of dilapidated historic structures built during central Appalachia's timber boom that are in desperate need of removal. Too far gone to be repaired, these abandoned buildings often cause health and safety concerns for nearby residents.

Most often these structures are bulldozed into a pile and hauled off to the landfill with no thought to what is being wasted. We present an alternative to this practice through deconstruction and reuse of the building materials.

Armed with hammers and crowbars, our deconstruction crews reverse the building process starting at the roof and working down to the foundation. Each board is removed by hand, de-nailed, cleaned, sorted and stacked.

Giving Virgin Lumber a Second Life

We proudly produce handcrafted heirloom quality furniture and re-milled boards from 100% recycled Appalachian Oak, Chestnut, Pine and Hemlock lumber. With characteristic tight grain, nail holes and other signs of age and use, each board and each piece of furniture is unique, special and authentic.

Our goal is to simplify the process of obtaining reclaimed lumber and furniture for everyone. We have some standardized offerings, but most orders are customized at least a little bit, and we regularly deliver finished products to clients in West Virginia and the surrounding states. Contact us today, and join our growing list of satisfied customers.