Virgin Timber Lumber Co.

Reclaimed Wood Tables Now Available!

Probably my favorite use for reclaimed wood is in making tables. The material lends to a very sturdy construction, and I think that sitting at a table among friends sharing a conversation or meal is likely the best way to enjoy Virgin Timber Lumber.

a detail of the legs and apron of an oak four person reclaimed wood table

About a year ago, I came up with a concept for a simple table design based on 2" rough cut framing lumber, a material that I happen to have in great supply. My good friend Donn Ketchum, a talented woodworker, helped me finalize the design last winter to include removable legs for easy shipping and storage.

reclaimed wood table top made from salvaged wormy chestnut lumber

After re-milling the boards for the table top, they are glued together to make one solid surface. We make it a point to only mill our lumber enough to properly join them together leaving the wood's original patina to be enjoyed in the finished product. The legs are attached to the table apron using 5/16 hanger bolts, and they can be quickly removed using a 1/2 inch wrench.

reclaimed wood table top is fastened to the base using clips. the removable legs are attached using hanger bolts

We can make tables of all sizes using oak, chestnut, pine, poplar or hemlock lumber. Drop into The Purple Moon in Charleston, WV to see one for yourself.